date & time; january 3rd - 2o22 // 1:00pm
energy; big hyper
music; sci-fi tv in da background

Ahh! My first post on here - this deadass feels so nostalgic to me. I used to make websites like this all of the time with a cute close knit blogging community back in like 2oo3 where we would run message boards, make custom angsty layouts out of our favorite bands / musical artist and help each other code really beautiful CSS - which is what it used to be all about....then myspace came out which was great but killed a lot of that community followed by facebook. YYYUUCK! I'm actually still online friends with everyone I used to blog with back then and have been sending them Neocities websites to try to lure them back in..but I dont think it's working haha. It's definitely a labor of love and something that I've been doing when I have exrta time instead of doom scrolling on IG & Tiktok. Back then ii used toOh talk wiith dOuble ii'Sz and capiitiilized O'sz which you are gonna see alot throughout navgitaing here. I imagine this page will be alot more popular than the page I had growing up because most of my relationships I have now have been made through online / social media.

cowgirl-thugette is starting out as a personal website used mainly as a digital diary with a handful of resources. I plan to add a lot handmade goodies / graphics / blinkies / playlist / photography / film and any other creative things I make. I've had a hard time putting out anything creative due to the platforms available are absolute garbage. (Instagram / Facebook / Traditional 'professional' websites) The main things I want to pull from this is getting back to the community feeling of the old web while not feeling completely overwhemled by posting. Casually. At my own pace. I miss trading links, signing guestbooks, chatting on AIM, exploring or just chatting through emails. I miss this escape.

I want to upload a bunch of the old dollz I used to post on my website that I ended up finding through the internet archive -- was soo happy to find that most of the images loaded. I found this out in like 2016 so I ended up saving them not even knowing about Neocities which Im kinda sad that I've just found out about this even though it's been out since 2013 (Thanks to Kreayshawn for really putting this website on blast and getting my ass motivated to atleast START) I agree whole heartedly with the whole movement of trying to bring back the old web because how tf we gone go from hundreds of thousands of personalized webpages to literally three apps that just use us for data and $$. Definitely not worth it because the doom scrolling puts me in the worst moods